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Women with #endometriosis can still enjoy satisfying sex - they may just want to shake things up a bit! Learn more… https://t.co/7yGpM1UliC

Have you ever heard the slang phrase "blue balls" and been left with questions? Check out our Q&A guide on "blue ba… https://t.co/t9EigRLH0z

Virtual 3D technology may help men with #PeyroniesDisease to better visualize how their penises will appear after s… https://t.co/2A8AfOXjVE

In case you missed it, we've got a new look! Check out our new SMSNA for Patients website: https://t.co/bm7TRxaxWe

Should you have surgery for #prostatecancer right away? Or could delaying treatment make sense? In this study, scie… https://t.co/mVFfAWRosi

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